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Questions I am too afraid to ask

Okay full confession - there are things I’ve used regularly in the past that I don’t understand. Coming from an engineering background, implementation has taken precedence over core knowledge. Getting the job done was more important than understand how the tool works internally or what the building blocks where. I’ve never had to know or learn how the compiler works intrinsically to use it. But I want to remedy that


I am going to periodically list all the questions that I want to answer here and link them to the posts that answer them. Let’s start simple

  1. What is async/await? Is it the same thing across different languages?
  2. What is the difference between concurrency and parallelism and are they interchangable?
  3. Why is Rust so loved? How is it better than other languages?
  4. What is SVG? How is it different from Canvas? What is it an alternative to? And how is it better?
  5. What are the different pieces of OpenGL? What does it take to display something on the screen?
  6. What is the event loop? Why is it used?
  7. What are the ES2015 keywords const & let and what problems do they solve?
  8. What is Kubernetes and why is it such a great tool?
  9. What are react hooks and why are people so against using classes?
  10. What are some of the software applications of Crypto? How can you create your own coin?

(This list is not even close to being complete …)